Stay In Shape While Your Shape Changes™

a unique & innovative Pilates program
developed by a Mama for Mamas

founded by Stephanie Forster,
Balanced Body Master Trainer

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Specializing in

Pre/Postnatal Pilates
Safe Core Work
Diastasis Recti

Pelvic Floor/Incontinence/Prolapse
Cesarean Healing
Mama Self Care Seminars + Retreats

Virtual Prenatal + Postnatal Pilates

Enjoy all the benefits of Pilates but uniquely tailored to the pre and postpartum body. Taught by Balanced Body Master Trainer Stephanie Forster.

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Perfect if you are new to Pilates, want to deepen your Pilates practice or have specific issues you’d like to work on.

Diastasis Recti & Pelvic Floor Education

Two new workshop series coming Spring 2021
Pelvic Floor Health Series

Pilates for Diastasis

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Celebrating 15 years!!

PP is the longest running premier pre and postnatal Pilates studio in San Francisco. Established 2005.

Virtual Online Schedule

A live streaming online class format that allows you to bring San Francisco’s premier & longest-running pre & postnatal Pilates program into your own home!


  • W – 6pm
  • Sa – 9:30am

Core & Community

Connect with your besties and schedule your own small group workout. Contact Stephanie to schedule.


  • On-demand only
    (early postnatal)
  • SAT – 8:30am
    (mixed level postnatal)
  • M/W – 7:30pm
    (intermediate postnatal)


  • W – 6pm
  • Sa – 9:30am

Core & Community

Connect with your besties and schedule your own small group workout. Contact Stephanie to schedule.

Postnatal Pilates

  • M/W – 11am
    (early postnatal)
  • SAT – 10am
    (mixed level postnatal)
  • M/W – 7:30pm
    (intermediate postnatal)

Meet Stephanie Forster

Stephanie Forster is the founder of Preggo Pilates and the Director of Pre and Postnatal Education at EHS Pilates in San Francisco. She is a Balanced Body Master Trainer and Pilates educator. She brings over 25 years of experience as a Pilates practitioner, dancer, and bodyworker to her teaching which is infused with irreverence and humor. Her first hand knowledge of pregnancy, birth, and Mamahood coupled with her extensive referral network to experts in the women’s wellness community make Preggo Pilates a unique and successful program.

Client L♥ve

“I’ve transitioned to prenatal centered classes and it makes all the difference in the world.”

My body was changing so much and my mobility is getting more and more limited. Stephanie’s cueing is SPOT on to activate and relax appropriate muscles for us preggo mamas (especially with respect to the deep core and pelvic floor).

– Charisse B.

San Francisco, Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist

“Stephanie’s postnatal classes have been instrumental in helping me regain my body”

She completely understands the challenges and trauma of a new mom’s body and is both mentally and physically supportive of the evolving body after giving birth. I love being surrounded by a warm, welcoming community of mothers and look forward to the class every week.

– Jennifer M.

San Francisco

“I’ve worked with other trainers over the years, & have found Stephanie to be clearly one of the best.”

She is knowledgeable, patient, & completely committed to helping you change your body for the better, forever. When I first started seeing her, I was having backaches from postural issues at work — she helped me fix the problem with a whole-body approach.

– Christine D.

San Francisco

Preggo Pilates Virtual Classes Are Now Online!

Join the Preggo Pilates online community of classes, workshops, on-demand content and private sessions. Bring San Francisco's premier and longest-running pre and postnatal Pilates program into your own home! Preggo Pilates was founded in 2005 by Balanced Body Master Trainer Stephanie Forster and she has served thousands of clients since then.

Prenatal Classes
SA - @ 9:30am
W - @ 6pm

Early Postnatal/Pilates Fundamentals
On-demand only

Intermediate Postnatal
M/W 7:30pm

Mixed Level Postnatal
SA - @ 8:30am

Drop-In $25 | 10 card $220 | Monthly Unlimited Membership $160

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