Preggo Pilates class

“I came to see Stephanie when my baby was 17 months old and I had just sprained my back. I’d been to Kaiser (no help) and three different physical therapists (little help). I was pretty miserable and frustrated. After talking to Stephanie for five minutes, I relaxed. She understood where I was coming from, as well as what I was saying. Within one private session, I learned that I’d been clenching my butt to compensate for weak abdominals, which hadn’t strengthened after the c-section and a year of lugging around a baby. Stephanie showed me exercises I could do at home, and taught me how to be conscious of how I stand, sit and carry Tessa. I loved seeing her so much that I sought out her group classes. I worried that I didn’t have a newborn so I might not “qualify” for the post-natal workshops, and soon realized that that wasn’t the case. Anybody can take the Post-Natal class; it’s just that the exercises are designed with the ever transitioning body/mind of a new mama. I still go (Tessa is 2 1/2 years) and it’s the highlight of my week. My posture is better; my back is stronger; I love the women who are there. Thank you, Stephanie! Thank you!”

Katherine E.

“Stephanie’s postnatal classes have been instrumental in helping me regain my body and has gotten me to feel like my old self again. She completely understands the challenges and trauma of a new mom’s body and is both mentally and physically supportive of the evolving body after giving birth. I love being surrounded by a warm, welcoming community of mothers and look forward to the class every week.”

Jennifer M.

“I can always look forward to Stephanie’s postnatal classes. They are one part community, one part retreat and butt-kicking and butt-shaping pilates workout.”

Reise T.

“Stephanie’s classes have been an awesome addition to my life post baby. It has been such a help to have a hour or two each week to focus on myself and my body. I find the classes fast-paced and challenging. I always walk out feeling recharged.  I definitely feel I recovered faster and feel stronger post cesarean. I have never been good at exercising regularly, but Stephanie’s classes (and her teaching style) have me hooked.”

Victoria D.

“I’ve worked with other trainers over the years, & have found Stephanie to be clearly one of the best. She is knowledgeable, patient, & completely committed to helping you change your body for the better, forever. When I first started seeing her, I was having backaches from postural issues at work — she helped me fix the problem with a whole-body approach, & I’m happy to report that those backaches are a thing of the past. Working with her on a weekly basis has been one of the best decisions I’ve made.”

Christine D.

Diastasis Testimonials

“Stephanie is the best!  She has been a wonderful teacher for me throughout my difficult pregnancy and in the past 14 months since I became a mama.  She gave me tools to keep my body strong and flexible for parenting my daughter, as well as coaching me through dealing with my diastasis.  I live an active life and love yoga, so it was important to me to have a healthy core!  My diastasis took a long time to heal, and Stephanie was key to helping me stay with it–she encouraged me firmly, wisely, and with an awesome sense of humor.”

Suzannah N.

“After just having my first 9lb 5 ounce baby via cesarean section, I needed some help rehabbing my body. My body had changed and I wasn’t confident in the exercises I needed to do to help with the healing. The diastasis series has given me the confidence and tools I need to make a full recovery. Stephanie is a wonderful instructor and I’ve learned so much about pilates and small steps I can take everyday to improve and reverse diastasis. Thank you Stephanie and Preggo Pilates!”

Jeanne E.

“For me, the wonders of pregnancy (and surprise cesarean childbirth) brought many mysteries — one of them being a condition called diastasis of the abdominal muscles. I had never heard of it until I discovered I had it! My core was very weak, and I needed to get myself back into shape quickly so that I could take care of my beautiful new baby. Stephanie’s Preggo Pilates Diastasis series was both extremely effective, and really eye-opening. I learned to engage my core in new ways, and worked on getting my body ready for the wonderful rigors of motherhood. It was such a great class that I signed up for the very next series.”

Ali S.

“Stephanie ROCKS, So why would a 56 year old GUY seek help from an rectus abdominis post-partum superstar???  At 55 I attempted, and passed, the rigorous Firefighter Physical Aptitude Test.  Unfortunately during my training (over-training) I injured these stomach muscles.  Stephanie was extremely patient, professional, and proficient in creating a recovery program geared to my particular needs.  She is upbeat, friendly, and really knows her stuff.  I wholeheartedly recommend her Preggo Pilates instruction!”

Richard H., EMT; Firefighter

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