Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I do Pilates while I’m pregnant?

Yes you can! For the majority of pregnant women, exercise during pregnancy, is safe and highly beneficial but there are certain prenatal conditions that may put you into a high-risk category. If you think you’re at risk please contact Stephanie to discuss your options.

Preggo Pilates is a wonderful way to specifically strengthen and stretch muscle groups that are essential for labor and newborn care. A Preggo Pilates workout can safely strengthen the abdominals, pelvic floor, lower and upper back muscles, which are crucial for good posture during pregnancy, endurance in labor as well as providing much needed physical support in the postnatal period.

A doctor/midwife’s note is required for the PP program.

2. Is it is safe to do abdominal exercises during pregnancy?

Yes, abdominal exercises are safe to do during pregnancy and are crucial for good posture, lower back strength, baby support and labor contractions.

Re: Abdominal Exercises – Just because you can’t do crunches doesn’t mean you can’t have strong abdominals during pregnancy and beyond!

In the PP program you’ll learn to love your transverse abdominal muscle. It’s the muscular corset that nature gave you for organ and lower back support and healthy pelvic floor functioning.

3. Why is it important to have someone who is specially trained in prenatal or postnatal Pilates?

A significant portion of the Pilates repertoire needs to be modified in order to make it a safe pre and postnatal work out.

There are specific exercise guidelines set forth by ACOG (the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology), which your trainer should be aware of. These guidelines take into consideration the physiological, physical and emotional challenges of the pre and postnatal period and greatly enhance the effectiveness of your workout. Awareness of and the ability to work through and relieve pre and postnatal “hot spots” like the sacroiliac, pelvic floor, hips, lower back and pubic symphysis among others is tantamount to healing. A trainer who knows about safe abdominal and pelvic floor work, good positions for labor, safe exercises to do at home in the immediate postnatal period, stretches to ease tightness due to the hormone Relaxin, and postural problems caused by lack of sleep, labor, breast/bottle feeding, and baby carrying can be found at Preggo Pilates. It is crucial that your Pilates trainer teach you safe and appropriate protocols to assist in the healing of Cesarean births and Diastasis Recti (split abdominals).

4. How soon after I have my baby can I start the Preggo Pilates Postnatal Program?

For Group Classes I advise 6 weeks postnatal. You should no longer be bleeding. For Cesarean births I advise starting classes between 6-8 weeks postnatal depending upon how you feel and the condition of your scar.

That said, certain simple exercises right after giving birth can speed up your recovery by leaps and bounds. These exercises reintegrate your abdominals and pelvic floor for both vaginal and Cesarean births. To learn these exercises before you give birth schedule a private session with Stephanie now! If you’ve just given birth and want to learn more, PP offers a great early postnatal Home Visit program. To best assess your needs and tailor the right program for you, please contact Stephanie or call us at 415-517-5730.

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Preggo Pilates Virtual Classes Are Now Online!

As the current COVID-19 pandemic requires all of us to do our part by "sheltering in place" I am here to meet your Pilates needs. Preggo Pilates has quickly pivoted to a live streaming online class format that allows you to bring San Francisco's premier and longest-running pre and postnatal Pilates program into your own home! Preggo Pilates was founded in 2005 by Stephanie Forster and she has served thousands of clients since then. Currently, Stephani is offering live-streaming classes and private sessions via zoom.

Prenatal Classes
W/F/SA - @ 9am
M/W - @ 6pm

Early Postnatal
W/F - @11am

Intermediate Postnatal
M/W 7:30pm

Mixed Level Postnatal
SA - @ 10am

Drop-In $22 | 5 Class Card - $99 | 10 Class Card - $180

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