Diastasis Intake & Assessment

Why Do I Need A Diastasis Intake?

You may already know that you have a diastasis, but it’s important for me to take the time to assess width, depth and length, so that I can better assist you in healing it as well as determine whether wearing a splint is advisable for a quicker recovery.

The diastasis intake involves:

  • in-depth intake of your recent physical history
  • over view of daily ergonomics related to healing your diastasis
  • introduction to a few basic techniques for healing diastasis

The intake is also an opportunity for me to get to know you and your individual situation a bit better so that I can develop an exercise homework plan that suits your particular life circumstances. During the intake clients often discuss personal and/or intimate physical details that would not be appropriate for a group setting yet are essential for me to know in order to move forward with a diastasis healing program.

The overall picture I get from the intake clarifies if there would be any need for me to refer you to other practitioners regarding symptoms/conditions that are outside my scope of practice.

I look forward to supporting your core transformation.

To schedule your intake contact Stephanie.

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