A bit about Preggo Pilates

Preggo Pilates was born when founder Stephanie Forster gave birth to her son in 2005. Determined to physically empower women in all stages of Mamahood, she developed a program that mirrors the essential needs of the pregnant, laboring and postnatal woman. Taught with a deep appreciation and understanding of what the pregnant and postnatal body is capable of, the Preggo Pilates program focuses on strength, breath, flexibility, control, and hones a woman’s ability to let go. The result is a strengthened pelvic floor, a strong upper body, the ability to breathe deeply into a solid core that supports backs, babies, and posture while giving Mama an overall sense of well being. What more could you want besides a good night’s sleep?

Preggo Pilates Philosophy

Many women experience a new found curiosity about their body during pregnancy. Even women who are already in great physical shape develop a new appreciation and awe for their pregnant bodies. Preggo Pilates was created to cultivate, nurture and support this deep body/mind connection with a uniquely tailored program for Mamas and Mamas-to-be. As the mother of two small children, founder Stephanie Forster understands the physical and emotional joys and challenges that arise during pregnancy, postpartum and mamahood and uses her vast skills as a teacher to serve the needs of this specific client community. Preggo Pilates recognizes that becoming a mother is a profound and transformative experience and is dedicated to empowering pregnant women in a culture that often overwhelms them with fear and consumerism.

About Preggo Pilates Founder

Stephanie Forster is the founder of Preggo Pilates and the Director of Pre and Postnatal Education at EHS Pilates in San Francisco. She brings over 20 years experience as a Pilates practitioner, dancer, body worker, anatomy and yoga student and choreographer to her teaching, which is infused with irreverence and humor. Her first hand knowledge of pregnancy, birth and Mamahood and deep connection to the local birthing community make her a natural at serving pre and postnatal women. Stephanie is a qualified teacher of the Tupler Technique, and has studied a variety of modalities for healing diastasis recti (split abdominals), prolapse and pelvic floor dysfuntions.  She is a founding member of the Mamas Resource Network, an eclectic Bay Area network of professionals who serve, support and educate pregnant and postpartum women and their families. She has an M.F.A. in Dance Performance and Choreography from Mills College and has been a dance faculty member of the Rhythm and Motion Dance Program since 2000.

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