Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates in San Francisco

Stay in shape while your shape changesTM

A Unique Pilates Program developed by a Mama for Mamas

Specializing in

  • Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates – Get in shape with mat and equipment based Pilates taught by experienced and certified Pilates trainers. Our exercises have been specifically developed to address the physical needs of pregnant and postnatal women. Preggo Pilates is the perfect complement to your prenatal yoga practice.
  • Safe Core Work – Just because you can’t do crunches doesn’t mean you can’t have strong abdominals during pregnancy and beyond.
  • Diastasis Recti (Abdominal Separation) – Stephanie is a qualified teacher of the Tupler Technique, a proven method for healing diastasis recti.  Her pre and postnatal classes are safe to take if you have a diastasis.  She also offers Pilates for Diastasis a uniquely tailored class specifically designed to help you heal your split abdominals.
  • Pelvic Floor / Incontinence / Prolapse – To Kegel or not to Kegel… Ladies, a Kegel is not squeezing your anal sphincter! It’s so much more… A healthy pelvic floor is one that contracts and releases equally well. It is supple and strong.
  • Postural & Breath Awareness
  • Cesarean Healing

  • Monthly Gathering
    Mamas Meet-Up @
    Pause Wine Bar
    Third Thursday of the month
    More information
    Mission Studio
    Now back on Valencia
    1452 Valencia St

    Potrero Hill Studio
    For all Cardio Pilates classes.
    Mamas Self Care retreat - Sept 2015
    New students - use promo code PREGGO20 for $20 off. Use when signing up online or bring coupon to class.
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